how to see mars in december 2022

How to See Mars in December 2022

During December and January 2022, Mars will be an excellent target to observe. Although the actual power of Mars will depend on the atmospheric conditions, the Mars disc should be visible to those with a large enough telescope.

If you can view Mars through a telescope, take the time to do so. 

But don’t for a moment believe you need a telescope to see Mars in December 2022.

Go outside and face due east an hour after dark. Mars appears like a brilliant, reddish-orange “star,” and nothing in the night sky compares. It will get more significant and more southerly as the evening wears on.

Mars and Earth will be closest to each other on December 8, 2022.

Mars Shines Brightly In The Night Sky

Unlike Sirius and Venus, Mars will be visible throughout the night, and this is because Mars’s polar caps are illuminated by the Sun during this time.

It’s the season, and the only time the Martian South Polar Region will be visible from Earth. This part of Mars will be visible until February 08, 2023.

The Sun and Mars will be in opposition on December 8, 2022, the best time to view Mars in the night sky.

The Sun and Mars are opposite, making them a good target for observation. Mars will also oppose the moon, which will occult it from time to time during the next 26 months.

However, the moon’s ominous obscuration will not affect the excellent sight of the Mars disc.

December 2022 Is The Best Time To See Mars

Although the disc can be small to the naked eye, it has some exciting features. The brightest features are the ice caps, which will stand out against the red of Mars.

It’s known that the best time to view the disc is during the winter months in the southern hemisphere. The planet’s reddish hue is due to iron oxide in the sands on the surface.

The Mars disc may be smaller than Uranus in a telescope, but it has impressive features to look at and study. The brightest feature is the Martian South Polar Region, which will be visible until February 08, 2023.

This will make the Red Planet appear like a tiny night sky dot. The disc will reach its apogee in the night sky and will be brighter than the brightest star in the night sky. 

Make sure you get a great look at the planet Mars with or without a telescope, you can’t miss the red glow.

Today is December 8, 2022

Clear skies with excellent views of the moon, mars, and whatever else you may see in the nighttime sky.

Always be looking upwards.

You can see it tomorrow if you didn’t catch it tonight. Jump high, my friends!

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