What Is The Meaning Of Worry And How To Worry Less

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What Is Worry?

What good does worry do? What does it accomplish in our minds? It will most likely create greater discomfort, fear, and suffering.

When the mind is ready, when it either refuses or is unable to see any way out of a complication, and at the same time will not avoid the problem, it is then that the state of worry exists. The situation calls for an answer, but the worried one lets down all mental barriers and sits in the dark box, permitting not even a single ray of light to infiltrate. Worry is a heavy dark blind shutting out intelligence, and it overrides our hard knocks wisdom that would solve the problem.

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Are You Worried About Your Anxiety?.

There is no need to worry, and this is how to overcome it. First, you must realize that worry is the fear that something is going to happen, but which almost never does. So do not lay awake at night or worry over an issue that isn’t actually happening.

You will not worry until you absolutely are face to face with the problem. Focus your mind and energy on being prepared to accommodate every possible situation fearlessly, with wisdom, timing, and intelligence analyzing all the factors so that if you ever do come head-to-head with the cause of your anxiety, it will have no power over you. Then, too, others worry about things over which they have no control. Isn’t that a complete waste of your mental energy?

Instead of worrying about such matters, switch your thought in another direction and become adjusted to a condition that cannot be changed.


Stop fearing the future. Don’t dwell upon the past. Stop counting your hardships, and count your blessings and grace instead. Remember that whatever you concentrate upon will grow.

You are what you eat and drink. That which you ignore or refuse to give attention may often by this means be overcome, for it may just go away. Therefore, refuse to allow your thoughts to contain anything that may be critical to you. The times you catch your mind roaming toward a made-up scenario, imagined outcome, or dreaded trouble, think of something else or change your activity.

Do this consistently for a period of time, and you will soon find that you have reduced your worries and dreadful thoughts.

View all angles and positions if you must, but only with a calm heart and mind. Your reaction is your strength, and if you understand why you over-react, wisdom will be yours.

To become adjusted to this world

Is after all the wiser aim.

It won’t adjust itself to us—

For it was here before we came.

Rebecca McCann

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