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Why Charity Is Important

To Give Charity Is Genuine Happiness

The best happiness on earth is derived from helping others. Charity is not so much what you do or give, as to how you do, or how you give. To advance the true spirit of giving, we must understand just how fundamental it is in our lives.

Many people, because of selfishness and a failure to understand life, seclude themselves from other people. They really believe themselves to be superior to others. These people have the mistaken idea that they can get along without the help of others. Still, they miss some of the most magnificent joys in life, which is experienced in unselfishly helping others.

None of us are meant to live alone forever, and so made complete and insufficient unto ourselves. We are surrounded by fellow people, as you are most likely covered by others at work, in stores, and even family at home.

Our lives interlace in such an intricate pattern, and people are so dependent upon each other for the many products and services we use every day throughout the world to make our lives easier, happier, and more convenient.

Lessons In Giving

The open hand both gives and receives. The closed hand squeezes only what is in its grasp and misses the biggest blessings of life. The incredible joy that comes from sharing what one can spare with others in greater need.

In helping and serving others, we are doubly blessed. But in our charitable thoughts and acts and deeds, we must watch our feeling and motives. God loves a cheerful giver, but a grudging giver may as well withhold his gift. Whether the advantage is large or small, it is glorified by all if given unselfishly from the heart.

Wouldn’t we all be more euphoric if we made some little sacrifices occasionally to gladden the beating heart of another person? If we will but forget our own troubles and help another out of theirs, now and then, the true purpose of life will be shown to us. And we shall know that by forgetting ourselves in serving others, life is found in plenty.

One way to receive more than you already have is by giving. Between Faith, Hope, and Charity, many claim the greatest virtue is Charity!

Do not put off the doing of good deeds—

Give something to someone each day of the year—

If only a handicap, a look, or a tear.

Whatever is given, if given in love,

The Master recordeth in Heaven above.

Give something to others each day of your life;

Help those who are timid to stand in the strife;

Go faithfully onward, o’erflowing with love,

Then smiling, the Master, looks down from above.


Myster Quest

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