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Euphoria Wellness

Did you ever think of euphoria as a duty? We owe it to mankind to be euphoric. It is our life debt. When we are happy, we radiate like the sun, sending rays of ecstatic energy into the lives of everyone around us.

What score have you made today in kindly deeds, in honest, unselfish efforts, in spreading cheer around the lands? Have you used every opportunity to make some sad soul’s day brighter? You will know if you have, for you, yourself, will be happier for doing it.

So many people seek euphoria in the wrong places, not knowing where to find it. They dream of being something or someone they cannot possibly be and consider that attainment lies in their happiness. They feel that they have failed life and cannot be happy if they do not attain this so-called “momentous” success.

Humanity, since time immemorial, has sought to acquire money, power, and control, believing firmly that they could bring happiness to the people. But, no, my friends, when you evaluate what is true euphoria, what do you really find?

You find that the delighted people may have little of the material pleasures, which may be little known and without fame, possessing little or no money in their bank accounts, claiming no worldly power living a normal life.

But they are happy because they have recognized the joy to be found in all the simple things, in the little everyday pleasures, in love, in family, in friendship, in happy, harmonious home life, in not having too much of anything, but enough for themselves and a little to spare to help others in need.

How To Be Euphoric

The happy person does not find happiness in money, fame, or power alone but rather in simple living and keeping his friends throughout the years. Loyal friends, genuine love, knowing yourself, these my friends, will bring you the only worthwhile happiness on this earth.

Happiness is blind to those who can’t see it, yet laughter can be heard everywhere.

And so, my friends, when true wisdom has been found, we would say:

Happiness is never simple, even when understood. However, it may be found wherever you are. If you forget yourself in kind, generous service to others is always fine.

I’d rather live in a tumbledown shack

With a welcome mat at my door

And share a humble crust of bread

With one whose heart was sore,

Unless we have riches within our soul,

Material wealth is dead

So, give from your heart, and strange as it seems,

You’ll increase your wealth instead.”

Sigmund Diamond

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