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How Does One Truly Know Thyself

Before you can proceed any further in your life, before you can obtain your ambitions and rise above the difficult conditions surrounding you, you must learn to know thyself.

You want to master your emotions and understand why you over-react.

A master key is to recognize why you do what you do.

Take a thorough inventory of the ledger of your heart.

Write only with the pen of truth, that’s the noble way to start.

Add the love for your fellow man to the way you hold your stride.

Don’t overlook the strength within, for courage is multiplied.

Subtract any heartache you have caused, or unkindly words you’ve said,

Divided by the number, “Experience,” if a broken life you’ve led.

Calculate all items most carefully. You’ll be glad of the stock you took,

If the good you’ve done outweighs the bad

In your heart’s little ledge book.


Understanding Why You Do What You Do

Much futile and wasted effort is due to a lack of understanding one’s true inner self, the power of the human mind, and the creative force within each of us.

Most people go through life never realizing that they, too, have the power to create new thoughts, new things and never fully question the power of knowing the broadness and depth of the power and intuition of their vibrational minds.

There are qualities in your hereditary trait and personality which could enable you to find your success by diligence and perseverance in capturing some of life’s most beautiful memories.

To proceed skillfully and progressively along the pathway which leads to happiness and fulfillment, you must first know beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what it is you will attain or gain from your hard work and due diligence.

To reach goals, you will need to practice disciplined concentration visualization, have faith, show courage, and deliberate actions to produce a result.

So, I say to you, before you deplete further time and tasks, make sure you know exactly what it is you desire to achieve.

Set your goal, and never stop until you reach the finish line.

When you get your plan, it gives tremendous contentment to yourself and humanity.

Euphoria will also be your reward.

Know Thyself Essentials In Life

The essential things in this life are bestowed upon those who know themselves.

So, know yourself. Search out your inner longings, discard the unworthy, magnify and cultivate the good and best in you.

Your wisdom of yourself will prove to be a magic PIN that will unlock the treasure chest that contains the happiness that is every person’s birthright.

Keep your daily record faithfully.

List as assets the courage you show every day through your passionate studies and ethical decisions you make, and the love and service you give to others.

Liabilities are fear, negative thoughts, lack of self-confidence, failure to see or use an opportunity to do good deeds. Has a lack of consideration for others.

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How Does Knowing Yourself Help You?

All of us need to be self-aware and understand our personal beliefs, but how does knowing ourselves help you in helping others?

When you know who you are, what you want, and how you feel about your surroundings, the world becomes less confusing and more livable.

People are more likely to get what they need from you when they know who you are, your goals, and how you react to the different situations.

Knowing yourself also gives you the tools necessary to build successful relationships, which most people want from any relationship.

Self-knowledge is also the key to developing healthy leadership skills.

In a world where leadership is usually the domain of men, women can learn how to be influential leaders from a very early age.

If you have a strong sense of self, motivating others and getting things accomplished is easier.

If you have no idea how to lead, you might think you are destined to remain in your job indefinitely and do things that don’t add value to your life.

However, if you know thyself, you can make sure that you stay in a job that helps you earn a living and understand the inner workings of a corporate setting.

Knowing yourself is not selfish. Instead, it is a way to care for yourself, and only then will others benefit.

By being self-aware, you can find ways to make yourself the best that you can be at any given time.

How does knowing yourself help you?

You make a valuable contribution to everyone’s lives when you set boundaries, own your feelings, and take control of your emotions.

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