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What Contentment Means

Contentment is an emotional state that every person should meet in life.

What’s The Use?

Don’t tell me how hopeless and how hollow your life has turned out to be. Many people say that they cannot go on, they actually claim to be ready to end it all, and then they cry out, “What’s the use?” The thought of “What’s the use?” should never be allowed to enter our minds, ever.

If we only realized our true potential and discovered our own special little niche on this earth, thought of hollowness and hopelessness could not possibly have a place anywhere in our thoughts.

Others feel that they are not wanted by others. They believe life is unfair and, in their mind, believe that it is mistreating them on accident or on purpose.

They believe that things will continue as they are now and can’t be improved upon. They fail to see their gifts and how special they are. They are blind to most or all the opportunities presented to them along the pathway of life and appear deaf and blind to their most functional strength, which is themself.

Individuals who labor under these misconceptions, dealing with psychological delusions, are their worst enemies. They will continue to discover life excruciating as long as they continue to nurture such suggestions.

Such discontent will harbor an inferior nature and a lack of mental toughness. Make sure to surge in your satisfaction and conquer this mindset, for the happiest are calm and have contentment with what they have.

Contentment Meaning

Everyone is entitled to a reasonable level of joy and contentment; however, this joy is only possible through action from our very own effort for self-improvement. This continued joy is a significant component of wisdom.

When we stop to consider the suffering of others, consider the many problems and adversities which are so much more than our own. We may recognize that we have, and only then might we understand that we are not so bad off.

Remember, the real lessons come from understanding your internal power, with which you can learn from and conquer unfavorable problems.

The greatest thing in life is love.

Its source is from the heaven above.

It gives you strength; it cheers your way,

To live contented, day by day.

Enjoyment most sublime we find

Where love abounds, and we are kind—

Kind to those whose hearts seem sad,

Love and cheer will make them glad.

Let us all now cast aside.

Hatefulness and pride, and keep in mind to spread good cheer,

Dispel all the hatred and all the fear. Great blessings you and I shall find—

Contentment—yea, great peace of mind.

Frank Burk

Myster Quest

Myster Quest is a full-time blogger and research expert. Join him as he and his AI team write about self-development, including, health and wellness, personal growth, relationships, personal finance, spirituality, and more... Enhance your life and define your destiny!
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