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What Is Life All About?

Life Is All About Heart Beats

What does life mean to You? Do you struggle, work, worry, and hope it all works out for the best?

Do you regret that it can be hard at times, even appear relentless?

Or do you do your best every day to mix the hardships with a bit of fun and a smile?

Every day is a lesson. You will be tested, and, in the end, you will be graded.

Let us be truthful. Have you often thought that your life is unfair because a selected few have every material thing you have always wanted?

At the same time, you were obliged to plod along in the same rut every day wishing and hoping to be them?

Naturally, you have, and you would not be, a human if you did not, at times, harbor such thoughts.

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Life is serious fun, and humans are selfish as we would make it, and the fact is, it is unfair and worrisome to all of us.

Think back. Have you ever wholeheartedly entered into the energy of a game with others, played a competitive sport, or read a book or novel and found that you had forgotten your troubles and worries for a while in your absorption of the act?

This is because you were not nourishing these troubles with your attention. After all, your actions created another option for the brain to think about.

With this information, life can be made into a game, an exciting and enjoyable card, board, or video game, and it is simple.

Get into the happiness and euphoria of growth. It’s the most fantastic game there is.

Eliminate any despondent or fatalistic point of view you may have.

Convince yourself that this is what you planned and play the game right.

Be well-mannered in your endeavors.

Stop making a problem of it, and your weary mind and body will be better off for it, and your load will be lighter.

No matter how bad it is today, do not weep over your heart or the past.

It is just as easy to grin and laugh at yourself and the situation you may be in.

This is possible despite almost every trial and irritation it may cause.

Find your smile, and you may transform your living condition that is simply existing into a lifetime of courageous actions, finding true happiness and success.

“Life As It Comes” seeks the lesson in this beautiful little poem.

I asked of life all lovely things, she laughed and turned away.

I sought that which I craved to gain, but they passed me on the way

Twas then I turned to laugh through life, I knew I’d ask a lot,

Too much for her to grant and—and so

My futile quest forgot.

But now that I am full content

With such as come my way, Life heaps into my careless hands

Some lovely things each day.


It is an inevitable law of life that the more we want, the less we may receive, but the more we give to this life, the more our mind, heart, and body will fulfill our wishes.

Invite happiness into the mind with a smile and a positive presence.

Be grateful for everything you have today and work hard for the things you will be thankful for tomorrow.

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

The meaning of life is relative to a religious and philosophical reflection of sociological studies about life, its nature, relationships, consciousness, and joy. Many other aspects are involved, including cultural meaning, ontology, psychology, value, goodness, justice, the existence of a supreme being or gods, moral truth, and other problems of interpretation.

However, most people believe that what you make, how you live it, is a miracle in disguise.

Most philosophers think living is “a good” and necessary, but not an “art” and therefore is meaningless.

Some deny this activity is a miracle, while others believe there are several types of living, including animals, plants, atoms, stars, sun, life forms, living things in space, and other styles such as fishes, amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, eels, fish, birds, insects, and other animals.

And the question is, what is life, a quality or a defect?

Quality is something inherent or necessary for an object to exist.

A flaw is something extraneous, something that does not belong to the thing.

Theists often say that life is what you make it and that the definition states it is what you make it to be.

This can mean many different things but usually means that it’s a miracle and therefore has meaning.

For example, a vegetarian would say that being alive is a miracle because all life on the planet was wiped out when the dinosaurs went extinct.

Hence, the only living thing was vegetarian life.

However, most scientists would say it was a natural disaster rather than a supernatural event.

Some non-theists also say that life is what you make it to be. In other words, what the ancients thought living was what other people would now call “life” or “organisms.”

Still, other people will call living “consciousness.”

The debate rages on. If living is a miracle, then what is its meaning?

human life

To sum it up in a nutshell, life is a mysterious quest.

It is an ongoing process with no beginning and no end composed of moments – birth, growth, decay, aging, illness, living, death – and each moment has a meaning that we as humans can only dimly perceive from where it is coming and what it means.

Carl Jung put it best when he said, “I think that life is like a play in which the part is being played before the audience, and in which the actor has already selected the part from the whole audience.”

We have come a long way from his thoughts.

Today we understand life is a mystery because we have a consciousness aware of life.

From this perspective, we can begin to answer the question, “what is the meaning of life?”

Christians, like me, believe that the light we lead is the life God intended for us. Through His Son,

Jesus Christ, He accomplished our mission and is our model and example for living.

In Him, we find a new life.

Through Him, we experience life, joy, and happiness and see the reason for our life.

This is why He is considered the creator and Redeemer of all humanity.

So, to answer the eternal question, “what is the meaning of life?”

We must remember that life is a mystery and holds more answers than imagined.

We should never forget that the purpose of living is to experience the meaning of life.

We should always seek out the best answers and be thankful for the guidance in finding them.

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