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What Is The Meaning Of Thankfulness?

To be truly grateful is to be genuinely blessed. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness towards others.

For each and every joyful thing,

For twilight swallows on the wing,

For all that nest and all that sing—

For fountains cool that laugh and leap,

For rivers running to the deep,

For happy, care-forgetting sleep—

For stars that pierce the somber dark,

For morn, awakening with the lark,

For life new-stirring ‘neath the bark—

For sunshine and the blessed rain,

For budding grove and blossomy lane,

For the sweet silence of the plain—

For bounty springing from the sod,

For every dear gift of joy, thank God!

Florence E. Coates

Thankfulness Meaning

No matter how we might feel about our problems and difficulties, we need to stop recognizing that every one of us has much to be grateful for. The majority of us allow our troubles to build up in our minds. They end up so amplified that the many things for which we could and should be appreciative are overshadowed in our eyes or are not acknowledged at all. Therefore we miss out on much happiness and euphoria in life.

Should you fall into an attitude in which you are unappreciative of what you have, immediately start to count your true blessings. Think of a few of the most important things you are thankful for, and you will quickly discover a growing number of gift for which you can give thanks.

When you decide on something to be thankful for, you will find that your anxieties and worries will quickly vanish. You will be compensated by spiritual relief and gladness. Take the thoughts of your mind off the things that make you unhappy and dissatisfied, and give your thanks for something worthwhile, no matter how little it may seem.

Every person has something they value, despite the fact they may neglect to provide thanks for it. I assure you; that an attitude of gratitude will attract you to find more things to enjoy and value. If you look around you, you will see that this is still a wonderful world for you to be a part of.

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It is not the things money can buy that give us the most cause for gratitude. Be grateful for life on this earth is short.

For tests and trials, the lessons of experience, for friends and friendships, for each well-worn success, for having courage, using wisdom, eternal love, for all. Show thankfulness and be thankful for all that is provided.

With profound thankfulness, I am so happy we are here together, learning, working, and creating our best life.

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