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Why Friendship Is Important

Friendship Meaning

Friendship is a unique lesson in life because friends are neither chosen or picked. They are discovered and identified for their supportive understanding of us and also our response to them.

Our peers and friends allow us to inspire to strive for greater ideals, to seek to be of service to others because they were of benefit to us. Their guidance shows us options we may not have thought of when we lack wisdom. Their belief in us enhances our self-esteem, damages our anxieties and timidity, and urges our steps to further our friendships and their direction.

Extinction can stand alone, but no life can prosper without the help of an outside force. Neither can any individual, no matter how independent one person may believe they are or can be; it is simply impossible to stand alone forever.

However independent a person may be in their own strength, dare call themself the sole maker of their career or destiny. Try as one may, that affection which grips the heart can never be lost and will always be present, although it may not be present in mind at that moment

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A friend’s sincerity and honesty often help dispel the gloom of disappointment.
Think of the days you have spent in the darkest unhappiness and despair, and you will find that these were the days you were devoid of friendships. There is an instinct within us that craves human companionship.

Occasional solitude is refreshing, but the heart can be found yearning for pleasant associations if too prolonged. One enjoys a feeling of security, for a certain amount of social life is vital to euphoria.

There is a sense of satisfaction and comfort in the presence of our fellow beings. Remember the old adage, “To have a friend, be a friend, and life’s great gift of friendship will be yours.”

What would you take for one of your friends?

How do you value their worth?

Is there anything you would be glad to exchange?

For the finest friendship on earth

Is there any price you’d be willing to take?

That would compensate even in part

For the loss of that loyal friend of yours

Who fills so much space in your heart?


Are There Benefits of Friendship?

There are many ways to develop friendship and keep it growing. A friend can enhance a man a sense of purpose and belonging. In fact, having just a single close friend can significantly boost confidence and decrease stress. Friendship can even enhance self-esteem and help you cope with a tragedy such as a divorce, the loss of a friend or family member, and illness.

Although we all have different perceptions of friendship, the more I read about it, the more I live. The more I believe that true friendship involves developing a deep emotional bond with another human being. Emotional intimacy is at the heart of building solid relationships with people we care about.

Not every friend is the same. Some people are good at noticing when their friend is having trouble and offering supportive words. Others may feel forgotten or unwanted by their friend when their friendship evaporates. People who suffer from mental health problems may feel abandoned by their friends and experience mental health problems. As well, friendships with co-workers may feel fleeting and disconnected.

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If you are experiencing mental health problems, the friendship you develop with co-workers or friends at work will often provide the support you need. It’s essential, to be honest with your co-worker or friend about how you are feeling and what you are going through.

Sometimes we need to share our burdens with those with whom we feel a genuine connection. Communication is the key to overcoming any difficulties. Just as you are ready to disclose any painful personal issues to your closest confidant, you should do the same with your friends.

Do Friends Help Relieve Stress?

Friendship also offers relief from anxiety. People who are experiencing constant stress may become overly anxious about what they may miss by cultivating friendships.

When you have an emotional bond with someone, you become more apt to detect their needs and even proactively reach out when needed. You can also help ease your own anxiety levels when you are close to someone else.

The benefits of developing emotional ties with others go beyond boosting your confidence and emotional wellbeing. Good friends are good teachers. Friends teach you how to deal with difficult times, and they can lead you to the places where you need inner strength and confidence.

When you are with good friends, you are less likely to wallow in self-pity or turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain of depression or anxiety.

Building a strong, enduring friendship takes effort. It requires an investment in time, energy, and resources. However, the results can be priceless. Friendships are good for your physical health, your mental health, and your social support.

Many people suffer from mental health problems but are reluctant to seek treatment. They may fear that admitting that they have a problem will result in rejection by friends or reduced opportunities to meet new friends.

However, having no friends does not necessarily lead to isolation and loneliness. In fact, many people who are depressed are drawn to supportive friends and develop lasting bonds. Those who suffer from a physical health problem can benefit from friendships because being in touch with others who offer emotional support can help improve their health.


As you can see, there are many benefits of forming and maintaining friendships. The trick is to make sure that you develop the correct type of relationships. This may require that you turn down those relationships that seem out of place or that seem too close for you.

It may also mean that you choose the friendships that fit your needs best, remembering to keep in mind that while your goal is to improve your mental health, you do not want to ignore your physical health as well.

Answer these questions honestly.
It may be surprising to find how precious friendship is.

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