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Best Wishes For Marriage But It’s So Hard

Why Get Married?

When we enter into marriage, we often have hopes and dreams of a better life for ourselves and our families. This is wonderful and noble, but it doesn’t mean that our actions have to match these lofty ideals. When we allow ourselves to fall into the ways of the world instead of working to change it, we can become mired in debt and feel unworthy.

Success in marriage comes through establishing and developing a state of excellent understanding, trust, with a dash of tolerance and cooperation. What people fail to understand is that marriage means merging two personalities who become even richer in new ideas and new viewpoints because they are enabled to see things through not only their own but also their loved one’s eyes.

When cooperation, understanding, tolerance is lacking or non-existent, controversy is bound to occur.

How To Sabotage Your Marriage

Stubbornness and false pride are two terrific traits that undermine the possibilities of a happy marriage. People should not marry unless they realize the responsibilities of married life and that marriage is a sacred undertaking.

People must understand that euphoria in wedlock is only brought about through unselfish actions of giving and take. Marriage is a way to derive the most full-bodied and most complete expression in life and joy.

For those of you who are married and have minor problems to overcome, I earnestly prompt you to analyze yourself and your thoughts. If necessary, adapt your thinking and living to conform to the rules for happiness.

Resolve to live a married life of greater tolerance, make marriage a happy, harmonious partnership, apply the golden rule, and understand your devotion as a bond of kinship, a blend of personalities.

How to avoid the little irritating traits we may be inclined to show at times, but which are destructive to euphoria, peace, and harmony, especially with the home circle. Heed its message in haste.

They say the world is round— and yet I often think it square,

So many little hurts we get, from corners, hare and there.

But there’s one truth in life I’ve found while journeying east and West,

The only folks we really wound, are those we love the best.

We flatter those we scarcely know. We please the fleeting guest,

But deal full many a thoughtless blow, to those we love the best.


Marriage obtains excellence as each party finds out the value of developing the power to relieve, sympathize, adoringly counsel, comfort, and patiently sustain through the many problems along the way of life.

Another man once said, “Being married is just saying, what do you want for dinner back and forth until one of you is dead.”

Solve Marriage Problems Quickly

Many problems in marriage can be solved quickly if husband and wife communicate and learn to work together openly, respectfully, and courteously like two people in love should.

Avoid throwing emotional tantrums, yelling, and screaming.
Do not emotionalize every discussion.
Learn to disagree without being disrespectful.
Learn when to stop the argument before it gets into a verbal war.
Learn when to walk away or change the subject.
When indisputable facts are presented, learn to say, “you are right,” I was wrong.”
Learn to argue factually, allowing your spouse to express himself or herself fully without fear of judgment or reprimand.

Avoid name-calling or saying words that you will regret saying.
In marriage, usually, whenever one spouse wins, marriage loses.”

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