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What Is Golden Rule Of Life?

The Golden Rule of Life should never be taken for granted.

Let us, at the beginning of each day, resolve to “DO UNTO OTHERS AS WE WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO US.”

What kind of place would this old world be?

If for just one day, we should all agree

And live by the Golden Rule?

If we’d do unto all as we wish that they

Should do unto us, in our work and play,

On the street, at home, at school?

The world would seem like a heavenly place;

There’d be smiles of gladness on every face,

And all men would be our friends.


Golden Rule Of Life Meaning

New friends will be gained through the constant obligation to the Golden Rule of Life, and the old friends will remain more true, trustworthy, and dear, inspired by your example. There is divine joy in living! Such living elevates us out of our little cares and adversities. It rewards us with peace of mind that makes life incredible instead of a drama-filled, disappointing existence.

Let us practice charitable activities every moment of the day. For this, life will return many blessings, as it is an unalterable fact that whatever we give or put into this life, we receive back again. If we are thoughtful and kind, thoughtfulness and kindness will be our reward. If we radiate happy energy and cheer to others, we will have them laughing in our own experience and consciousness.

“Do as ye would be done by.” How elementary these words and yet, by following their direction, success and contentment will automatically come to you. Should this simple, well-known rule be universally obeyed, this earth would become the paradise it meant to be and will become.

Fear would be abolished. Hate would not exist. War would be impossible. Money will mean nothing and famine or depression would cause no misery, for somewhere some would have plenty to spare, and would gladly share with those less fortunate. Helpfulness will reign

Indeed, my friends, this world would be a land of happiness and helpfulness if all obeyed this rule. All troubles would be significantly minimized because so many of them are caused by the fact that someone broke this Golden Rule of righteous living somewhere.

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Making Sense Of It All

The Golden Rule of Life is not hard and fast. It’s easy to follow and not to break. It does not state that you have to give and receive in every relationship you have. It just says that you must treat people the way you would want to be treated.

The world would be a better place if there were no outstanding people. There would be no fantastic stories of great acts of kindness and compassion. If there were no exceptional doctors or brilliant businessmen, or beautiful women, we would all be stuck in some boring life.

People who seem to have it all have earned it by working hard and doing the right thing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Show a true example of love and concern for the people around you will be much nearer to having fulfilled your Golden Rule of Life.

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When you are down and out and struggling to make, ends meet you can’t help wondering why you are even alive. You wonder to yourself some people have such hardships and pain. But when you stop to think about it, those hardships must have been the result of someone else’s lack of caring or lack of love in their lives.

“It’s not how you do something but why you do it.” This really resonated with me the other day when I reflected on all the people in my life that I had helped along the way. I truly realized that when you are in trouble, and you are trying so hard to get out of it, the Golden Rule of Life could indeed apply.

Can you see how this golden rule can help you control your own destiny and build your life the way you want it to be? You can do it. Remember, the first step is always the hardest.

Now that you know the golden rule share it with others and remind yourself daily of it.


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