Spirit Of Work

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Work Hard and Work Long

It is sheer folly to hope or attempt to prosper with a minimum of effort. The only beneficial job has actually tied to it the price of consistent, unceasing study and work. It may appear the spirit of work is slowly disappearing, but this just isn’t true yet.

It matters not how basic the job; you can glorify it by the spirit and wisdom with which you perform the work. Earnings, along with other products, are affected and identified by the conditions of supply and demand.

You can become more effective in doing some common everyday tasks much better than the typical person, or if you position yourself in some useful endeavor that the bulk of people do not try because it is hard or time-consuming you eliminate competitors. Simply put, “supply,” and put yourself in demand.

Drink Water In The Spirit Of Work

The “spirit of work” has many necessities but one is to drink enough water during your work-life sessions. Water will help in purifying the body and will also make the human perspire more. Most people who do not take the time to drink water during their work sessions tend to perform their daily life without proper hydration and this results in dehydration.

Water is one of the essential elements, which is needed for the human body to function properly and from which all work is born. Remember, the human body is composed of mostly water.

You will also need continuous study, research your niche and continually develop yourself so you will be prepared to assume higher duties when called upon in life. So that you will continue to develop your confidence and courage to fulfill a prospective cash flow with an assurance that will make the always favorable impression that you will be chosen from among any variety of applicants.

Make certain you have something specific that is needed by many, so provide what you can do effectively and well. Even the talent of having the ability to get along well with other people and win their cooperation is an important property to own. Consider what worth you may be to others ahead of your individual gain in earnings or reimbursement.

6 Fundamental Principles of Work Success

He who considers himself first may find others considering him last, and he will wonder why the odds constantly seem against him. The fundamental principles of success have been written in six unforgettable terms, called the six “I’s”: Industry, Integrity, Intelligence, Initiative, Intensity, and Inspiration.

Analyze your desire and capacity for workload, your view of work, your ability to get along with others, your belief in yourself, the value of your work, your courage, and your self-confidence.

Let’s think of work in terms of hope

And speak of it with words of praise,

And tell the joy it is to grope

Along with the new, untrodden ways!

Let’s break this habit of despair

And cheerfully our task regard;

The road to happiness lies there:

Why think or speak of work as hard? 


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