Handicaps Are Normal

Handicaps Definition

Some people have some physical defect, a body deformity, an obstacle in speech, an imperfection, handicaps which they are allowing to stand in the way of their euphoria, joy, and success. It is belittling for one not physically affected to look critically upon another person having some irremediable flaw some people call handicaps.

However, it is considerably crueler and more damaging for the individuals so seemingly unfortunate to allow the misfortune to completely ruin their lives forever. Some damaged, homely and unappealing people conceal a heart of gold, a soul of genuine worth, a brilliant mind, and a fantastic personality that can make others forget their physical imperfections.

Live Life, Be Happy!

One might be considerably amazed to find out about the many serious physical handicaps suffered by some of the most brilliant, accomplished, and historical figures throughout the ages. Napoleon was an epileptic; the cherished Robert Louis Stevenson suffered from tuberculosis; Beethoven was deaf; Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS; Helen Keller was deaf and blind; Franklin D. Roosevelt was stricken with polio, and so many others have overcome.

No matter what you lack that others may possess, nature reacts by enhancing some other power that you have. The blind has keener hearing. The deaf, in vibrations, hears through their touch. The absence of physical appeal might be balanced out by distinctive spiritual charm and a character more appreciated than the beauty of face or form.

Do not let a handicap or what one may believe to be a handicap from allowing you to live happily and beyond your wildest dreams.

Each man is granted a garden plot

To grow whatever he has sown,

If the seeds are planted with thought and care,

Only the finest flowers are grown;

Roses of love which he carefully tends,

Forget-me-nots of lasting friends,

Poppies of trust, and lilies of truth,

And the sunflowers of life-long youth.

But if he neglects to watch the seeds

And lets them grow without proper care,

The garden soon will be filled with weeds.

There won’t be room for flowers there.

With your mind and thoughts and deeds,

you can win, no matter how handicapped.


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