Your Advancement In Life Is Dependent Upon You

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Always Be Pushing Forward

In order to advance, in order to obtain your aspirations and ambitions, you need to continue to study and to discover in the wonderful school of life concerning your particular ambition. Advancement isn’t always easy, and you can always learn more.

Not all knowledge is from a book. The education acquired in the phases of life’s lessons, and through truly understanding and liking people, is vital to advancement and accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

After you have chosen that it is possible for you to go for it, start visualization with your mental powers, setting aside a few moments for visualized thinking each and every day. Don’t be content with the time-worn ideas of daily mundane life, but discover new thoughts and things, learn facts and additional information on your subject matter.

Think big, brand-new, and more expansive lines, go over your memories, test your theories and analyze your beliefs until you can determine whether or not they are all you believed them to be.

Keep studying, reading, and applying the knowledge gained, and then use the knowledge gained to achieve your desire. This will allow your mind to advance towards your most wanted desire, upon which your efforts have been focused.

Don’t be scared of nor try to dodge the University of Hard Knocks, as it is a college through which every person must pass to attain real and lasting success in life.

I am power, A Giant, a King.

He who follows me wins everything.

I have found Fortune and brought her to men.

I have forced Failure back into her den.

I made the roadway that leads up to Fame.

I teach man how to carve out his name

On history tablets to stand for an age—

I can make warrior, rich man, or sage.

“Tis I who can conquer weakness and sin.

I give the courage that helps men win.

I quiet sorrow and bring peace to bless.

I hold the keys to the portal, Success,

He who follows me achieves any end—

For I, humble WORK, am man’s truest friend.


Spiritual Advancement

Spiritual life advances the soul intellectually, intellectually growth spiritually. Spiritual advancement means “growing in knowledge.” In this sense, both spiritual and intellectual life progress simultaneously.

Knowledge, truth, and the spirit of God are three unnameable realities. These are beyond our comprehension. They are eternal, indestructible, and can be known by the people who have eyesight and spirit; for example, Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Galileo, Newton, and many others.

Spiritual advancement or spiritual life progress is the condition of being a person of excellence, of increasing knowledge and truth, and of becoming progressively (dare I write it) more superior to others in all aspects of life, especially in the emotional and intellectual realms. It is a progressive state of mind.

The advance of any one individual, even a famous one, cannot be measured by mere statistics or economic trends. We cannot measure the advance of mankind in terms of the number of Nobel Prize winners. Nor can we measure the advancement of a nation, the strength of its military, the depth of its national character, the intellectual and spiritual progress of its citizens, the artistry and technical accomplishments of its great works of art and architecture, the level of its commerce and its culture, its athletic achievement, and the moral fiber and spiritual nature of its people. All these cannot be measured.

No amount of statistical data or economic trends can measure the advancement of man. Man is an entity transcending his own measurement. We cannot measure the progress of man in any one particular instance, for each and every instance is unique and special.

We can say that man is moving forward in two directions at the same time. There is a forward movement of the consciousness of man toward truth and his sense of personal worth, and there is a backward movement of that consciousness toward what is called “practicality,” that is, civilized materialism and the advancement of material interests and the advancement of career and wealth.

Spiritual advancement is not a matter of numbers or any quantitative measure. It is not a matter of time or the seasons of the year. It is not even a matter of terrain or climate or weather! Man’s spiritual advancement has always been, will always be, and will remain spiritual. That is the basic reason for the unending celebration of advancement by humanity.

Man’s spiritual advance is measured in leaps and bounds – by quantum leaps in his accomplishments, by the widening of his horizon, his ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with other human beings, and by his growing ability to dominate all forces of nature. One example is the seemingly imperceptible advance that man has made in the technological arena.

Today, man has devised a machine that can create food, power, and shelter. He has invented the airplane, the motorboat, the tank, the tractor, the plane, the train, the steamboat, the submarine, and the rocket, the computer, the internet, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Greater Education Advances Forward

A similar, though perhaps greater, quantum leap has been made in the area of education. Education today is one of the most important sectors of our modern economy, with housing, health care, business, and financial value-added on each successive day.

The greatest beneficiaries of this progressive advance in human endeavor are the children of today who are yet to experience this enormous stride in their own lives. And this progress in education has not only been the result of intellectual curiosity but has also been the product of a massive moving forward in the economy, a burgeoning economy that makes money; money that can be used to buy the educational products of tomorrow…and the opportunity to take advantage of those products should never go unnoticed.

The time for education and its advancement by a parent to a child is now. Time is running out.

Education today is not only the best investment in time and money, but it is a true investment in future wealth as well because today’s educational products are the building blocks of the future wealth structure of the planet earth.

The power of education can never be undermined. Parents can give their children the education they need for advancement and to reach their full potential in life.

Utilizing the knowledge above, you can discover mysteries in life, have the courage to dare, be the grit to prove your worthiness, and if you have the willingness to work with steady, intensive purpose, you will advance. These are advancements!

Advancement Phases In Life

Knowledge creation and advancement in life are the basis of science. We need to understand the importance of science in our daily lives and how it has helped mankind achieve so much. Progress in life is also a process of knowledge creation. Human beings have constantly been challenged by new things, challenges to their existing knowledge, and new methods of doing things.

Advancement in life comes with a constant challenge from new things, new ways to approach things, and more knowledge about previously unknown matters. People have always needed ways to understand to deal with the many challenges we see almost every day.

Science helps us to gain knowledge from all over the world and from many different disciplines. The scientific method enables us to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret this vast amount of information. With the help of this information, we can gain knowledge that will help us solve problems in our life.

If the human race can come up with new solutions for all of the issues they have faced, we will continue with the forward progress in life. Science has definitely helped mankind gain knowledge about new discoveries. These new discoveries have certainly made life easier and more comfortable.

Through the invention of science, humans have definitely helped themselves in gaining previously unknown knowledge. This knowledge-creation process has allowed us to take a step forward and develop as a society.

Advances in the life sciences have helped mankind understand, appreciate, and realize their gifts and talents. These life sciences are also essential for the economy because new advances in medicine, technology, and science will benefit everyone. Thus, the future of this world is bright indeed.

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